CDM | Centre for Disaster Management (Haryana Institute of Public Administration)

District Disaster Management Resource Inventory (DDMRI)

The DDMRI has been prepared for 18 districts of Haryana and also at a state level by CDM, HIPA and have been submitted to the FCR office and the respective District Administration during 2012. This is a primary tool for efficient response by the district administration. It provides user friendly database of equipments, their location, quantity and capacity along with the point of contact. It facilitates a quick access to human resources and equipments essential to respond to any emergency situation throughout the district. For example, in case of an earthquake, the DDMRI gives us details of important resources like JCB/ cranes for debris removal, list of ambulance services in the district, fire fighting equipments, govt. and private hospitals along with their capacity, list of blood banks and blood donors, etc. This helps in accessing/ procuring the nearest available equipment/ human resource which considerably reduces the response time and therefore the loss.

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