CDM | Centre for Disaster Management (Haryana Institute of Public Administration)

Collaboration with M.M. College of Nursing, MMU Mullana

Haryana has 21 districts with each district having some common and some distinguished hazards and capacities. Haryana as a state is vulnerable to floods, droughts, earthquakes, hailstorms, dust storms, fire, chemical and industrial hazards, etc. The state has come a long way in the terms of fusing Disaster Management in its administrative structure and community level from past few years through Department of Revenue & Disaster Management, Govt. of Haryana which has been conducting the activities on disaster management through its Capacity Building fund of 13th Finance Commission 2010-15. Yet if its penetration to the last mile is to be seen, Haryana still has a long way to go.

Need of Capacity Building of Health Services, especially Nursing field in Haryana

Looking at the disaster preparedness with respect to hazard profile of Haryana, Health Services in the State is to be considered as the most prioritised among all services. The capacity building of the health services of Haryana, especially hospitals, should be done encompassing an all-hazards disaster planning. In a disaster scenario, the nurses extend the first response (e.g., triage, first-aid). Thus, strengthening them in emergency preparedness is very important. They are integral members in response operations, at medical posts, in leadership and management roles, as well as in the field where they provide affected population health services. In a mass casualty environment, nursing services - under the guidance of doctors, are critical for the affected community’s care. They have a unique awareness of the vulnerable population in the community, and who may be from high to low risk in health context. When trained in disaster management and their skill-sets optimised, nurses may play a vital role in disease surveillance, rapid needs assessment, health triage, mass treatment, community outreach and referral, establishing medical posts or temporary hospitals. Therefore, HIPA, Gurgaon and Maharishi Markandeshwar University M.M. College of Nursing, Mullana, Ambala feel the need of the hour and proposes to train the nurses of the said college in Hospital Emergency Preparedness.