CDM | Centre for Disaster Management (Haryana Institute of Public Administration)

School Safety Initiative

The School Safety Initiative in 2013-14 prepared 200 schools in above mentioned nine districts and five districts under direct supervision of FCR office (Ambala, Panipat, Sonepat, Rohtak and Karnal) in Disaster Management based on their vulnerability and risk in the district. This year 2015-15 will cover the remaining 100 schools in these 14 districts. New districts where no Capacity Building activity took place in 2013-14, the 200 schools will be included this year. Block-level trainings of teachers on Disaster Management will also take place in all 21 districts. It will disseminate the message of School Safety and Disaster Management to a much deeper level. The 50 villages chosen for Village Disaster Management Plan will also connect with the schools in those villages through this activity. It will also focus on training maximum teachers in the district at mass level.