CDM | Centre for Disaster Management (Haryana Institute of Public Administration)

Village Disaster Management Plan (VDMP)

The Village Disaster Management Plan (VDMP) emphasizes the local level as the first line of response, since communities are often the most familiar with local sources of risk and the first on the scene after disaster strikes. It can be used to tap human and material resources in the aftermath of a disaster and describe the roles and responsibilities of the concerned officials and teams related to that village.

With the VDMPs prepared of per district, they will be published in the form of a pocket handbook, different for each village. This handbook will be highly useful and user-friendly to the villagers, village secretaries, administration and response teams, who in case of any emergency, shall respond in the village.

Based on VDMPs, the villages will be trained through one training programme for each village. Once this phase of 50 VDMPs and their trainings is completed, this activity can be upscaled in the entire state of Haryana, beginning from next financial year with a vision of making every village in Haryana prepared through its individual VDMP.

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